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Knack Tek – A Dynamic IT Staffing Atlanta Agency

Knack Tek IT is a dynamic leader of Information Technology based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.  The corporation was established by men and women mainly from minority communities, who are globally respected experts in the field of IT Staffing Atlanta and has established branches throughout the country. Hence their exclusive clientele are continuously growing and the agency keenly perceives all the individual needs of their trusting patrons and caters to them accordingly. The firm really knows the value of time and money and hence provides the business with part time IT experts to meet the urgent needs without appointing a permanent staff.


The cutting edge of the company lies in their unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and their sincere, innovative and enriched service. Hence the corporation has attained the status of a Microsoft Gold Partner with their impressive profile of every kind of enterprise, ranging from esteemed Fortune 500 giants of industry to many other enterprises , including the prestigious Blue Cross  Blue Shield Insurance mammoth, who revel in the efficiency and reliability of IT Staffing.

Their Unique Technique.

staff augmentation

IT Staffing Atlanta absorbs the work culture and specific needs of their customers by visiting their sites frequently and offers its services at optimum competitive rates  Their meticulous screening of candidates ensures that each candidate possesses the highest levels of proficiency in Microsoft, ERP, CMS, CRM technologies as also in development and administrative positions and other slots to meet the customers’ satisfaction. This ensures that the client’s human resources manager does not spend unnecessary time in screening all the applicants for a post. Knack Tek with high quality IT staffing services make the business free from the expense of advertisement and conducting long interviews.

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